This Scattered Kaleidoscope

Sep 22

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That hair tho!
Aug 11

That hair tho!

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Jun 30

i move into space, beside the abyss, circulating atoms, embrace as we converse. tell me your life, of strife and bliss, connect as we travel, towards time and thought.

Aug 31
interactions and science

I’m a torn void listless and incomplete shackled through a state of perjury I am a perpetuate forgery the insecurities that rule my thoughts stricken and inhibit civil as I may be I still feel these faults exhibit

Aug 22
wore is me
Mar 29

Edie Sedgwick in Ciao! Manhattan (John Palmer and David Weisman - 1972)

Speed is the ultimate, all time high. That first rush. Wow! Just that burning, searing, soaring sense of perfection. There’s no way to explain it unless you’ve been through it. There’s no way to tell anyone who hasn’t tasted it. I’d like to turn the whole world on just for a moment… just for a moment. I’m greedy. I’d like to keep most of it for myself and a few others, a few of my friends. Keep that superlative high just on the cusp of each day so that I radiate sunshine. 

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Feb 26


B-movies on cinema marquees

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Jan 22

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Nightmare On Elm Street
Dec 28


Nightmare On Elm Street

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Dec 28

Please, please, please come out with a new album in 2013!